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» 25.07.2015 | New database for eco productds |
Clear-cut classification system helps architects and planers find suitable products

New tool for architects and planers

The Swiss “eco-bau” association has launched a list of eco products allowing architects and planers to find eco-friendly products fast and efficiently.

Clear-cut classification of building products

Building products are evaluated based on the Swiss “eco devis” methodology and classified according to three rating classes “eco-1”, “eco-2” and “basic” taking into account their environmental impact throughout their life-cycle: embodied energy during construction, environmental and health-related performance as well as toxins emitted during the building’s use, as well as reusability, combustion pollutants and suitability for landfills for inert matter during disposal.

Intep’s involvement
Intep was part of the project team from the very beginning contributing its expertise in order to develop a comprehensive evaluation methodology. The eco-bau association has also put Intep in charge of evaluating chemical building products according to this new scheme.

More information on the online database can be found here: (in German only).

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Severin Lenel at