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Consulting for 'Energy Efficient Buildings for Car Dealerships' I BMW Group, Munich
» 17.03.2015 | 2,000-Watt Society association launched and incorporated |
Intep co-founds “2000-Watt-Gesellschaft e.V.”

Sustainability goals
The all new 2,000-Watt Society association aims to facilitate a more sustainable use of energy and natural resources, thus leading the way towards an ecologically, economically and socially sound future. Its vision: reducing per capita energy demand from currently 6,000 to 2,000 Watt – in a climate neutral, energy efficient and globally equitable way.

Three areas
The 2,000-Watt Society stands for efficiency, consistency and sufficiency as well as for enthu-siasm, quality of life, responsibility and balance, with innovative technologies and societal re-thinking driving long-term reductions in primary energy use.
The new association works in three areas: The 2,000-Watt Institute develops baselines and balance schemes. The 2,000-Watt Reality applies user-friendly calculation models while offering international comparison methodologies. Finally, the 2,000-Watt Academy provides the association’s members with communication tools, organizes congresses and event series and assures exchange of expertise between researchers, educators, practitioners and members.

All but dull theory
Favouring integrated thinking and actions, the 2,000-Watt Society association serves as a member network promoting innovative projects, services and products, i.e. helping those working towards a better future. Its membership and supporters are made up of experts as well as members of the general public. Publications by the association’s president Roland Stulz in the Swiss „Blick“ journal on the “city of the future” as well as coverage by the German TV broadcast “Galileo” received great attention, thus proving that energy efficiency is all but dull theory.
Committed to the goals of the 2,000-Watt Society, Intep actively supports the new association with Intep staff counting among its founding members.

Here you can find the brochure as well as the application form (in German).

For more information on the 2,000-Watt Society, please contact René Sigg +49(0)89 45 99 49-23 or visit our website