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» 11.07.2014 | Building labels and the timber industry |
Swiss timber convention

The association of Swiss timber construction companies “Holzbau Schweiz” sees itself as a center of excellence providing services for the entire timber construction sector. The association provides practical, state-of-the-art knowledge and works to connect its members.
The timber construction sector has been dedicated to promoting sustainable building for many years. Climate and energy policies, new building labels and urban agglomeration have brought about changing conditions and requirements for the construction sector, making building development all the more complex.
On June 23 and 24, 2014, the central directorate of Holzbau Schweiz met to develop strategies for the years to come. Daniel Kellenberger, Intep managing director in Zurich, was invited to provide an introductory note on sustainable building. A renowned sustainability expert, Kellenberger spoke about building labels and their significance for the timber industry. Stefan Cadosch, president of SIA Switzerland, also presented his view of future challenges for building planners in the construction process.

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